I take a different approach than other "photographers" out there

Quirkiness Should Be Embraced

Normal is boring. So I have created a "posing" formula that brings out your personalities and gets rid of all of that awkward stuff.

edmonton wedding photographer
edmonton wedding photographer

We all hate waiting

you'll finish breakfast the morning
after your wedding, open your email,
And find a sneak peak of your wedding
photographs. No more of this "12-16 weeks" stuff.

You need a resource

chances are, you're new to this

whole wedding planning thing. So
I have worked with my industry
Partners to develop the resources

and advice you need to make the

planning go seamlessly.

All the animals

Whether you're including your dog or your horse, this girl is absolutely on-board! heck, even if those animals are the groomsmen, sign me up.

Hi, I'm Lindsey!

And these are my two berner-bums, Layla
And baloo (yes, they would love to meet you!).

My photography journey began
the week i picked up baloo and has evolved over the last ten years. from weddings in Edmonton to elopements in jamaica, these two
inspire me to capture the happiness in people.


they find joy in absolutely everything, SEE the best in others, and have the oddest little quirks - i can't help but feel we're not that different after all. :)