A Comment on the Wedding Industry

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There have been a lot of reviews of the wedding industry floating around the Edmonton Facebook groups this week. While most are raving reviews, we’ve seen a few that show off the ugly side of our industry.
I’ve been thinking about these reviews the past few days. While I can’t comment on the exact situations as I was not there, I can absolutely help you avoid these situations for your wedding.
First things first: I need you to know that when I see couples having bad experiences, it makes me really sad. You’ve spent months planning your wedding and have gone to every length to ensure things run smoothly. You’ve spent your hard-earned money to book the wedding partners that fit your vision and you connect with. When one of them lets you down, you’re completely justified to feel upset and angry.

How do we avoid this?


Check out Wedding Rescue. As a Wedding Rescue certified vendor, I have gone through a vetting process to ensure I am reputable, reliable, and competent at my work. Wedding Rescue has pre-qualified vendors so that you do not have to. 

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Go with your gut. If you have a bad feeling at any point in the relationship with your vendor, follow it. Listen to it. Review your contract and see what options you have to get out.
Ask to see their full body of work and not just the highlight reel on their website. Dig a little. If they are reputable, they will be happy to show you more than their online presence.
View their business license and liability insurance. As soon as a vendor has taken the steps to obtain these two items, I know they are serious about their work.
Do a little digging. Search their name on Google and Facebook and see what comes up. The wedding industry is a tight knit community so ask for recommendations and feedback on your options.
Lastly (but one of the most important), you get what you pay for. If something seems a little too good to be true, it likely is. I’m not saying you need a $10,000 wedding cake, but I am saying that when someone is offering something for free or for exposure, it likely means they don’t have the experience to feel confident charging what it is worth. Without experience, mistakes happen. On your wedding day, you don’t want mistakes to happen.

I’ve written out my top 7 tips for choosing a wedding photographer.

You can find them over here. 

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