Tones of Grace – Edmonton Portraiture Workshop

It has been an autumn of learning for me and I have had the opportunity to take in three separate workshops ranging from landscape in the Canadian Rockies, to marketing and pricing,  and finally, black and white portraiture. Tones of Grace was all about black and white portraiture and was hosted by Dave Brosha.

I have been wanting to take in a portraiture workshop for quite some time as most of the work I do is portraits. While the whole workshop was done in black and white, I gained so much knowledge about portraiture and lighting in general. We learned how to take a nice portrait and turn it into something memorable; to really catch someone’s spirit. The day was a mixture of discussions, demonstrations, and hands on work. We had four fabulous models that not only rocked it in front of the camera, but also assisted us in ideas and concepts as they came up.

I am so looking forward to spending more time in the studio creating interesting portraits.

Models: Megan Teering, Noriko Hessman, and Katherine McCallum

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